Start with a sext and end with sex

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The fasted way to a woman’s vagina is through her mind. That’s something that you always need to remember. The best way to get through her mind is with conversation. If you haven’t met up yet then you can use the power of text to make sure she’ll be craving your cock by the time you finally get together. It’s a simple concept but far too many guys try to skip it to get straight to the sex. That’s not how it works. If you want to fuck her, you have to make her fuck herself first. Before I get in to it, if you haven’t already make sure you make a free profile on our site!

You want to spend all of your time texting her by flirting. Turn her on as much as you possibly can. Get her to start talking about sex and all of the things that she likes. This is going to get her a good deal of the way there. If she starts thinking about having sex then she’s going to start turning herself on. If you can manage to get her wet just by describing her favorite sexual encounters, then you’re well on your way on getting into her pants. She’s already had these experiences so she knows exactly how good they made her feel.

Then you have to start adding in your own naughtiness. Tell her some of the things that you want to do to her. Get her thinking about new and exciting techniques that are guaranteed to get her off. You can also try using some sex toys like these to make your sex adventures more pleasurable. If you can talk at this point, then it’ll work much better. Being able to hear a masculine voice will push her even farther over the line and get her ready to take her pussy on the finger express. It’s your best weapon to use.

If you can sext her to the point where she has to masturbate, then you’ve done it. She’s going to obsess over fucking you until she can’t take it anymore. You don’t have to send her pictures or ask to see any of her while she does the deed. She knows that she’s thinking about you and that’s all that matters. After she runs out of batteries, she’s going to want to find out how you ride in real life.

Sex always starts with a good mental fucking. Practice your skills and try to sext as much as you possibly can. The better you get at it, the faster you’ll be able to start fucking your way through as many girls as you want. You can browse all our members by clicking here.